About Me

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I am a Cognitive Systems Engineer with a background in behavioral science. I have a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and MA and BA degrees from the University of Melbourne.

Although I am an Australian citizen, I have spent most of my working life in the US. After completing my Ph.D. in 1978, I worked in flight simulation research on a US Navy program in Orlando, Florida. I returned to the University of Illinois in 1985 to take up a position as a faculty member at the Institute of Aviation. I returned to Australia in 1997 to work at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation in Melbourne but then returned to the US in 2001 to work as senior scientist with Aptima, Inc in Boston. I finished my career as chief scientist with General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems in Dayton Ohio.

I retired from General Dynamics in early 2009. I now offer workshops and also work-part time as an industry consultant, otherwise filling in my time as minder of the home pets and general home roustabout.

In addition to this blog, I have a website, www.cognitivesystemsdesign.net, where I have a number of Cognitive Systems resources. I have published two books on Cognitive Work Analysis, both of which are available as free downloads from my website.

My current major project is a book on presentations. Most books on presentations focus on business and marketing. While some of their recommendations will help you if you are in a knowledge profession, others will not. Some of the recommendations will lead you astray. Additionally, there are issues for those of us who need to present complex ideas together with data and argument that those books do not address.

I have now completed a draft of the book and it is out for review. If all goes to plan, I will publish it in May-June of 2015. Visit my website to see how you can sign up for a complimentary copy (when you get to the home page of my website, click the book image at the top of the right-hand column).