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Function allocation (in healthcare)

Challenger et al (2013) offer a rather dismal assessment of the introduction of a computerized system to manage medical records for all patients in the UK National Health Service. They attribute the problems with this system to a failure of the design team to apply an appropriate function allocation strategy.  If it is done at all, function allocation is typically done poorly. Challenger et al (2013) offer a perspective that is well in advance of the usual fare.

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Cognitive System Performance Measures

CS MeasuresHave you ever been puzzled over how to assess whether the cognitive tools you design support the cognitive work as you intend? In this video blog I discuss assessment tools for evaluating how well technical systems support the human cognition essential to the performance of those systems.

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Work-Focused Analysis & Design

Administrative burdenIn my recent post, Automation Infatuation, I identified Work-Focused Analysis and Design as a process that would avoid the problems associated with clumsy automation. In this post I explain what Work-Focused Analysis and Design is and why it is important.

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Automation Infatuation

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The topic for the 2014 Human Factors Prize is human-automation.  This is more than unfortunate.  It undermines our fundamental mission of developing human-centric work environments.

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