Cognitive System Performance Measures

How would we, as designers of technological systems that are intended to support human cognitive work, assess whether those systems do actually support cognitive work? The cognitive performance assessment tools I discuss in this video are aimed at evaluating how well technical systems support the human cognition essential to the performance of those systems. I offer a short summary below the video.

I start by introducing some ideas on cognitive indicators from the naturalistic decision-making area of Cognitive Systems Engineering. I use those ideas to transition into a discussion of cognitive assessment measures based on Rasmussen’s decision ladder. I complete the tutorial by illustrating how the abstraction-decomposition space of Work Domain Analysis can be used to develop cognitive system measures.

The presentation assumes some familiarity with the Decision Ladder and the Abstraction-Decomposition Space.  If you wish to familiarize yourself with these tools, you may download brief tutorials on Work Task Analysis and Work Domain Analysis from the tutorials page of my website.

You may also download an mp4 version of this video from the workshops page of my website.

2 responses to “Cognitive System Performance Measures

  1. the 11 cognitive indicators – you asked how could they be simplified into subsets to get down to 5 +/- 2 How About ‘Inform, Select ,Confirm’ – my favourite rule of thumb

  2. Stephen:

    I like this idea. My rule of thumb is based on the decision ladder, but that does not offer a particularly comfortable fit. These cognitive indicators were not developed with the decision ladder in mind.

    Inform, Select, Confirm fits well.

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